"Reason is always a kind of brute force; those who appeal to the head rather than the heart, however pallid and polite, are necessarily men of violence. We speak of 'touching' a man's heart, but we can do nothing to his head but hit it." --G.K. Chesterton

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Looking forward to higher voter turn-out

I've just spoken with the city's Chief Election Officer and she has informed me that turn-out to the advance polls, which ended yesterday, was significantly higher than in the most recent by-prior by-election.

A total of 834 people cast ballots over the three-day advance poll leading up to Saturday's by-election. That's well over double the number (368) of people who voted in advance polls the last time the city staged a by-election.

That earlier by-election ended up attracting only 5% of registered voters, with the winning candidate taking less than 1,300 votes.

I've long believed that high voter turn-out worked in favour of my campaign, and so I'm very pleased by today's news.

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