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Monday, May 10, 2010

Interchange information

You might remember my earlier posting about Maillardville's concerns about the lack of a consequential upgrade to the Brunette/Highway 1 interchange.

Well, a communications person with the Port Mann Bridge project noticed the item and sent me an email explaining that the current plans don't call for major changes because, essentially, other "regional transportation improvements", including some impacting the Brunette-Blue Mountain-Lougheed Highway intersections, may be in the works; therefore, it wouldn't make sense to plan major changes to the Brunette/Highway 1 interchange at present.

Here's the full text of the note:

Dear Mr. O'Neill:
I read your blog this weekend regarding the Coquitlam All Candidates Meeting held last week and would like to point out that the information contained in your blog is not quite correct [http://electterryoneill.blogspot.com/2010/05/battle-brewing-over-bridge-traffic.html].
In fact, there will be some safety and efficiency improvements in place at this interchange by 2013 to address short- to medium-transportation demand. Current plans for Brunette include a staged approach so that additional improvements can be made based on scope and timing decisions for a number of other regional transportation improvements such as the North Fraser Perimeter Road and potential improvements for the Brunette-Blue Mountain-Lougheed Highway area that could be integrated with Highway 1 and the North Fraser Perimeter Road. It would not make sense to spend public funds reconstructing the Brunette Interchange today only to have it become redundant in the near future. It is for this reason that the preliminary design concept has changed.
Many decisions about the local and regional lie with other planning agencies and we work closely with them to ensure our project designs consider this bigger picture.
I welcome you to attend our Cape Horn informational open house at Coquitlam City Hall on May 18 if you any questions about the Port Mann/Highway 1 Project.
General inquiries can also be directed to:
Web: www.pmh1project.com
Email: info@pmh1project.com
Tel: 1-877-999-7641
Yours truly,
Pamela Ryan
Communications Counsel
Port Mann/Highway 1 Project
Transportation Investment Corporation
Suite 1420 - 1111 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC V6E 4M3

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