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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One continuous ride

With preparation work already underway for construction of the Evergreen Line, I recently called the project office to get clarification on something; this is what I learned:

With completion of the Evergreen Line, Sky Train riders will be able to have a continuous ride from the Douglas College Station, at the start of the line in Coquitlam, to the VCC-Clark station in east Van.

However, riders from Coquitlam wanting to head into New Westminster will have to get off at Lougheed and transfer to a new train at an adjoining station, where they can catch a train heading east.

This is is great. In effect, with completion of the Evergreen, there'll be one continuous Evergreen-Millennium Sky Train line from central Coquitlam's starting point to east Vancouver.

The office wasn't able to tell me whether the continuous line will be called the Evergreen-Millennium, the Millennium-Evergreen, or maybe even a new name.

SkyTrain Mark2 car on the Millennium Line (Photo by Ian Fisher, 2002 Aug)

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